Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Small world

This past weekend my husband, Brad and I went to the Missouri SCBWI conference where he was asked to speak on a "First Books Panel". He and I did a book together called My Brother and I. It was his first book and my favorite project thus far, for obvious reasons.

The keynote speaker was Cheryl Klein, an editor at Arthur Levine Books(an imprint of Scholastic). An interesting side note...Cheryl graduated from the same high school as our daughter, about eight years prior. Her home town is where we've lived these past 18 years. Is it a small world or what? I have often had this silly perception of NY editors as these unapproachable people who only wear black. Well, I was wrong. Cheryl was very sweet and approachable and she was wearing brown.


June said...

I never realised you worked as a team with your husband Phyllis. I would have liked to hear the talk at the conference.

Sherry Rogers said...

It is awesome that you and your husband work togerher. You did a great job on the cover. I love the colors.

Paige Keiser said...

That cover is a beaut, Phyllis! I don't know how you got that texture, but it's perfect