Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The "new" Jack and Jill

As a child, when I would go to the doctor's or dentist's office, I would often see Jack and Jill Magazine usually sitting along side Highlight's magazine on the nearby shelf.

A few months ago I was contacted by the art director at Jack and Jill Magazine. She wanted me to "update" the old Jack and Jill characters so they would look more like the kids of today. I have to admit this was a bit overwhelming at first. They wanted the new characters to have the same attributes as before, just in my style and more modern so kids today could relate to them a bit more.

They are slowly introducing the new characters over the next couple months so here is the first edition with the newer Jack and Jill to hit the stands. I'll share closer views of them from May/June edition once it comes out but thought I'd just show a little now.


Fenrisar said...
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Kate said...

Wow! I am SO impressed. Phyllis, this has to be such an honor. I would have loved this job, even though I also would have been so intimidated! You go, gurl!

Sherry Rogers said...

Woot Woot! Yeah Phyllis! You did a great job! They look wonderful! Congratulations!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks Kate and Sherry! I really enjoy working with this particular art director, so it's been a great experience so far. And what's even better is I get to do it every couple months since Jack and Jill are regulars in the magazine. :o)