Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's hot!!!

The weather in July and August is soooo miserable here in Missouri! It is so hot, sticky and humid! I always long to live somewhere else during these months...somewhere with less humidity. The temperature is only in the 80's but the humidity is 85 percent so it feels like it's 100 degrees. Yuck!!! I don't mind higher temps when the humdity is low but man!!!! This humidity is just unbearable!

About the only place that's bearable outside right now is in the water. So, on that note here is an old illustration I pulled out of the archives that I did for an educational publisher awhile back.


Kate said...

This is how I spent much of my time in Alabama.....no other way to keep cool than in a pool.

I like this illustration - very cute.

Love the book I ordered from you. Thanks again. It is a very sweet story and your pictures make it sweeter. : )

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hi Phyllis! I didn't realize you lived in Missouri... my mom is from St. Louis

and great illustration! I feel cooled off already! :)