Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Highlights Illustrators Party 2008

Here are some of the PBAA artists in costume for the party. Me(fairy princess), Judith Moffatt (Queen Malificent), Sharon Vargo (mushroom), Emilie Boone (bumble bee), Sharon Holm (mother nature).
The trees were just beginning to change. Here's the lake behind the Central House where we stayed. Beautiful!
Here's a few PBAArs out of Costume. Me, Emilie Boone, Judith Moffatt and her hubby, Sharon Holm and Sherry Neidigh.
Above is the Boyd's Mills Press offices and then next door is the Highlight's offices(shown below) in this beautiful old house in Honesdale, PA.

And now I know why the Highlight's address is Church street. There's a church on every corner.

It really was a wonderful weekend! Thank you Highlights!


Kate said...

Wow, looks like it was a great autumn weekend for the celebration.

Cute boots Phyllis. : )

Marilee said...

Thanks for posting this, Phyllis. I was invited for the first time this year, but, alas, couldn't make it. Looks like fun, though - Maybe next year! I love their old building!

Rick said...

You all look enchanting, or enchanted - maybe both.

Sherry Rogers said...

Phyllis thank so much for sharing this. Love it!

The part that is fun . . .you look a bit like me. I really like your hair. I have been looking for a new do. . .and I think yours will be it.

Thanks again for sharing this!