Thursday, August 13, 2009

color study

Here is my digital color study and although it's in final form I am still going to try a traditional version so stay tuned. Here's the original sketch. It's funny, with all the cats I have been drawing lately you'd think I was a cat person but actually I am a dog person. My hubby's allergy to cats is most likey a big reason for that. Don't get me wrong...I love kitties, it's just I am a MAJOR dog-lover!

Another observation I made regarding the chair pattern. I love plaids and polka dots and I realize this pattern may look a bit too traditional or out of style with the current trends but it reminds me of a well loved and worn-in grandpa's chair so I kept the pattern.


Kate said...

Hey Phyllis, I love what has been happening with your style lately. I have really seen you come into your own this past year.

This is such a sweet piece. I actually love the chair and what you said is exactly what my first thought was: a well loved chair at Grandma & Grandpa's house. The exchange between the girl and her kitty is spot-on, and I love her size in comparison to the chair.

Can't wait to see the traditional version, since I am usually more partial to traditional media.

Marion said...

This is beautiful, Phyllis! I like the limited palette which you pulled off so well. Your style is sweet in the best possible way. Very, very, nice! You are very prolific too!

Al said...

Awww!! You did a fantastic job on this one! I love her face and how happy the kitty looks! Like Kate said above, it looks like a well loved chair at Grandma and Grandpa's house! :) Keep it up!

Kelly H-Y said...

This is so sweet. It really does remind me of a well-loved grandpa's chair!