Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update on Annie and introducing my new studio mate

As hard as it is for me to post this update on Annie, I felt it was necessary to share with all of you who have been following the Annie saga. Here is the original photo I first saw of Annie at the pound.

After 2 and a half months of living and loving and working with the beautiful Annie; her fear and anxiety didn't improve...it only got worse. She was having constant episodes of anxiety related diarrhea because of me working with her. The only time she was ok, was when she was sleeping in her crate all day and night. Obviously, that is not a thriving and healthy dog's life and it was killing me that I couldn't help her.  This was so hard for me to accept and I felt like such a failure. Annie needed to be with other dogs to help her come out of this very deep rooted anxiety and mistrust she had for humans and to learn to be a dog. Unfortunately, because of my recent family's health issues and some other stresses, we just could not take on a second dog at this time in our lives.

Just to make me feel better, I thought I'd share some of the positives we were able to give Annie:

* she put on about 20 lbs while she was here(she was skin and bones when we brought her home)
* we were able to get her healthy. She had worms and had to be on several meds.
* She was easily crate trained
* Potty training was a challenge but she did well eventually

I was working with the golden retriever rescue experts throughout this entire journey and bless them, two days ago they were able to take Annie in on a live-in basis to work with her one on one. Just after one day, there was already some improvement especially being around several other dogs. They were only able to take Annie if I would be able to help them and foster another stray golden that had been in their care for the past 2 and a half weeks. So now enters...Cassie.

The only issues Cassie has is that she is very overweight, with a mild hip displasia which has only shown up because her extreme weight. In these pics, she doesn't look fat but trust me...she is a very round waddler and her little legs are having a hard time holding her up so we have her on a diet and excercise routine.

Cassie is the polar opposite of Annie regarding affection, in that she is like velcro...and wants to be as close to us as possible at all times. She is a lover and after only being in the wonderful rescue trainer's care for 2 and a half weeks, is crate trained, housebroken and is doing very well with her obedience training. She is 2 years old and extremely active and full of energy.

Needless to say...we are loving every minute of her being here! Even though we are only fostering at this point...we are already smitten and it would take a team of horses to take her away from Brad. :o).

Cassie looks so much like my old Brandy girl when she was young. More on the Cassie saga soon.


Anonymous said...

Cassie's first picture reminds me soo much of Blu! What a cutie.

I know you feel bad about Annie, but you did the right thing. Talk to you soon!


Anni Matsick said...

So good of you to care so much!


Life's Beautiful Path said...

Sad, so many hearts are broken with personal pain - animals and humans. There is help for all and the right person to give the right kind of love. I feel your pain about Annie and the joy of giving help to another. Good luck.

roz said...

Aww, Phyllis. So sorry that it didn't work out for you and Annie, but yes take comfort in knowing that you gave it a 100% and offered what you could. You are doing what is best for her (not failing her) if she is needing to be surrounded by other animals to further her healing.
Cassie- ohhh, so sweet. Good luck with her and great that you were able to foster her.
Keep us updated on Annie when you hear how she's doing.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Such good warm fuzzies. I loved reading this.

Ginger*:) said...

Bless you ! I know the heartbreak of a rescued animal that can not adjust and the joy of having two who have done remarkably well. Your caring is going to make a difference for both Annie and Cassie.

Sherry Rogers said...

Thanks for the update Phyllis!! So hard to make decisions when it comes to animals, but you did what was best for her. I am so glad that you have another dog in your home, as it will help the transition.

We recently had our 13 1/2 year old lab die. Soo heart broken. Our whole family wept.

Most recently we had to give our 8 year old Tibetan Terrier back to the breeder. After 8 years of destroying so many things, lastly shredding my Mom and Dads spare bedroom carpet to bits, we decided to give him back to the breeder. Not an easy decision, but one we knew we had to make. We had trained him, but he only obeyed when he wanted. Luckily the breeder decided to keep him as a house pet. The breeder said we had trained him so well that his wife fell in love with him. In the right situation he was the right dog for them.


Phyllis Harris said...

Thank you, thank you all my blogging buddies. Your sweet encouragement and understanding means more than you will ever know. Bless you all.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

So sorry that things didn't go well with Annie. You did so much to help her. It sounds like you're enjoying Cassie. :) Enjoy your walks...I'm sure there are oing to be a few.

rebecca said...

What a lovely (and heartrending) story, Phyllis! Certainly you did the right thing -- you gave Annie all that she was able to receive while she was with you, and now she'll be able to go forward because of your loving care. Congrats on welcoming Cassie -- I bet it'll be only a matter of a very short time before she's as lithe, active and beautiful...as you and Brad!!! xoxo.

Sarah said...

Oh Phyllis, you did the very best you could for Annie and realizing that you couldn't do everything she needs put her ahead of you. What a hard but right decision. Cassie looks wonderful, best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Awwhh, I feel so sad for you about Annie but as Anon/Jennifer (?) said, you did the right thing. I have had the same thing happen to me twice with two sorry/sad labs. they were both so sweet but they would quiver every time I tried to pet them. :( I had to (while I was crying, I'll admit) give them to a rescue so they could help them. They're doing well now, and I'm hoping that I can "take them back" as they are so sweet. I just feel so angy though about people who mistreat dogs!

Cassie looks like a sweetie, good luck!!! :D :)

Kathleen Rietz said...

You have such a good and kind heart, Phyllis!

June said...

Oh Phyllis, your emotional strings are being pulled in so many ways, I feel so much for you. But, throughout this particular difficult journey, you have done what was best for Annie even when it broke your heart. Whatever the final outcome for Annie and Cassie, I know you have played an important part in their recovery.
Thank goodness there are people like you around to help these lovely animals... bless you for your patience and care.

Cathy Morrison said...

Oh wow Phyllis, What an adventure you've been on with these dogs! Good for you, know it's been hard as well as rewarding.