Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer promo art

OK, it is. My art for my Summer promo. Now, gotta get busy getting 'em printed up and sent out before Summer is over!

HAPPY SUMMER folks and happy 4th, too!


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

ahh he looks like he is having so much fun.. I need to relax just like he is! So cute Phyllis!! :o)

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Phyllis, I love it. It colorful and jumps off the page. Sly old fox is having a great time while we work.
Happy 4th!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hope you have a wonderful and happy 4th! Cant's beat summer after those long and heavy snowfalls of winter, can ya? ;) and thanks for the kind words over at my blog

This promotional piece looks great - love those watercolors!

Joan Y said...

You're a whiz at Photoshop! Foxes never like wet tails, anyway. :)