Friday, July 15, 2011

What a great mail week!

I always look forward to the mail every day but this week has been especially fun! I know I've blogged about this already but just wanted to share again because it's so much fun to see all our hard work as artists finally come to fruition.

As illustrators, we often have to wait for months and sometimes years to finally see the final product come about. So when that big box of books comes or that magazine arrives in the mail, it always feels like Christmas!

This week the mail brought a few copies of the Ideal's Publications(a Guidepost imprint) catalog where my illustration from a book I did for them was featured on the cover. What an honor! I also received the catalog and rubber stamps I designed for the Angel Company as well.

Working on both projects were a true blessing! I LOVE my job! :O)


Janelle said...

Oh, how exciting!! What a wonderful day!!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

What a wonderful designed cover and a great company. Lucky you and hard work. I am so happy for you.

SueBE said...

Lucky, Lucky You! I love Guideposts. Of course, you worked hard to bring this about. Hurrah!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thank you, all!!!