Monday, January 7, 2013

My art has gone global! :)

As many of you know by now, I opened my Etsy shop in May 2012 where I am selling some of my art prints and once in awhile I will even sell an original, although those are very tough for me to let go of. My art is such a part of me, it's like losing a part of myslef...yikes! BUT, I know, eventually I will get the hang of it. ;)

I am SO excited about the fact that my artwork now hangs on walls all across the globe. My husband and I recently did something fun and marked all of the locations where my art now resides on a world map. Most of my sales have been to the US but I have also had some success in Australia and Europe, too and even one sale to Taipei City, Taiwan!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of those kind folks who have supported my shop!

Here's to a new year of many more map pins marking new homes for my art!

For the whole month of January I am offering 20 percent off on everything in the shop! Coupon code: JAN20


JennyKozar said...

Congratulations! That is really awesome to see.

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks, Jenny!! :)

susan drawbaugh said...

That is soooo cool, Phyllis! A real accomplishment!!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thank you, Susan! I cannot tell you just how thrilling it feels! :)

Emily Harris said...

Yep. Youre awesome! I'm so proud and amazed by you mom!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks, my sweet Em! :) Love you!