Monday, April 21, 2008

More Jack and Jill

Here are a few more images of the new Jack and Jill that I did for the latest issue of Jack and Jill Magazine on the news stands for May/June. They are for Jack and Jill cut-ups. You when you have all the characters where you can mix and match their outfits to make crazy combinations? I used to love to do those as a kid...still do! ;o)

These are just 4 out of the eight characters. To see them all, pick up an issue of Jack and Jill Magazine for May/June.


Anonymous said...

It's so cool to see Jack and Jill on your blog.

Thanks for all you do!


Anthony VanArsdale said...

Great work!!! I love the combination of colors! great expressions too

Sherry Rogers said...

These are so wonderful. It's no wonder they picked you. They are so fresh and alive!

roz said...

These look like so much fun!
I wish I could find that magazine here. Noluck yet.

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks to everyone on the kind comments! Roz, to be honest, before I started working for them, I usually saw copies of Jack and Jill magazine at the library.

Paige Keiser said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!