Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I really LOVE to create animals in my work but I'm finding that all the jobs I've been hired for lately don't have animals, just lots and lots of children and a few adults thrown in here and there.

My goal is to start working on some animal samples in my spare time. Ha! What's that?! But seriously, I really want to do more animal stories. Here are a couple animal pieces I did for Standard publishing way back in 2004. This was before I started experimenting with my acrylic style. These are digital watercolor.

From Koala Does His Best

and here's the cover for Lion Can Share

Here is another one that I created years ago just for fun.


roz said...

I love your animals.
I've tagged you with a new meme that Holli Conger started.
It's entitled " a day in the life".
Check my blog for details.

Kate said...

I love love love LOVE the cover for Lion Can Share. It really is one of my faves...partly because it does look more like watercolor than digital. The linework and line weight are nice, and the colors are all balanced really well and it has nice eye flow. Plus, well.....he's pretty darned cute in his lion overalls!! I like them all, but he's the best as far as style (only my opinion of course!!).


Great work!! I love the animal too. Especially love the communication between different species. A lovely world!

Paige Keiser said...

I remember these froma while ago and love them!

I did the same thing btw - I wanted more animal character jobs, so created tons of animal illustrations so that they dominated my portfolio. Now I'm getting mostly animal assignments so I'm a happy camper :-)

Lisa M Griffin said...

What fun! I love illustrating animals as well, it is just so much fun to make them into characters. You seem to have a knack for that as well, since they all have personality beneath the fur. Thanks for sharing.