Friday, August 8, 2008

Another illustration process

Here is my attempt at traditional watercolor. It's been way too long and watercolor is so tough for me to stay loose. I am in love with my friend, Paige Keiser's work and I so wish I could stay loose like that.

Anyway, I decided to document the process on this piece I did over the past couple days for fun.

Here's stage 1, my original sketch:Then, I cleaned up my sketch, although trying to keep that spontaneity of the first sketch. That is so tough for me.
Stage 2:
Next, I do the first layer of water color washes.
Stage 3:
Next, I add shading and a little more detail without going too crazy. That's another tough thing for me...not to overwork my piece. Especially with watercolor.
Stage 4:And lastly, here is the final painting. And as I load these images I realize that I scanned these a bit dark but oh well. You get the idea.
Stage 5:



:O) Thanks Phyllis...
I really enjoy this series of illustration processes! Like viewing a great cook book... make me feel hungrey : ) ...Now I feel like painting something!

Eric Orchard said...

Very cool! Really enjoyed seeing this and comparing it my own process.

Kate said...

Very nice! I am with you...I have a hard time allowing my watercolors to stay loose a "washy". So it is nice to see your process. One thing I found was doing quick watercolor "sketches" in a watercolor Moleskine helped. Of course, I had a watercolor teacher back in art school who said to always have a glass of red wine by your side when you paint. I could never do that because I am too afraid of the outcome LOL!

Nice finished piece, Phyllis!

June said...

It is fun seeing your process step by step. I too wish I was able to be as loose and fresh with colours as Paige is :o)
I always overwork the details, and clean up the line too much.
Maybe one day...