Thursday, November 13, 2008

A peek

I have been so busy working that I haven't been able to post recently. I was one of the presenters at the Missouri SCBWI conference this past weekend so that kept be busy as well. Here is a little tiny peek at what I'm working on. I can't show much until it's published which won't be until May 2009. Sorry.


Kate said...

Awesome phyllis! And I love the funny dog reaching for the morsel. What media did you use for this? I'm really curious.

Congrats on presenting at the conference last weekend!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks Kate! It's digital pastels. I used the same technique for the Katherine books, too. I do it similarly to the acrylics that I do traditionally where I layer on top of a brown wash.It seems to give more depth than painting directly on white.

Phyllis Harris said...

oops...forgot to say I use Painter when doing my digital pastels.