Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Thanks to The Illustrated Life I am finally using my sketchbook. Here's a recent entry:


Jennifer said...

Good for you, Phyllis! I've been meandering my way through this book, too. So inspiring! Have you read his other book-- "Everyday Matters?" It really gets the creative juices flowing. :-)

Kris Saia said...

Ooooo,Phyllis, that makes me want to pick up a pencil. I've got lots of sketchbooks started with four or five pages scribbled on... then I poop out. Then I'll start another one. Then quit.

Maybe I don't really like to draw... I just like to buy sketchbooks!

Deb said...

Your sketches are so cute! I so struggle with the sketchbook thing. Took so much stuff to New Zealand thinking I was going to watercolor my way through the country...Right!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Sure hope you get back to New Zealand. The south island is just stunning. A month would be perfect!!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks all for the kind messages!

Hi Kris! Boy can I relate to the not using the sketchbook thing! A lot of artists have this same fear or syndrome or whatever it is about not keeping the sketchbook thing going. I think it's like anything, ya got to do it for awhile before it becomes an addiction...but at least it's a good addiction! ;o)

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

I love these sketches Phyllis! Specially the one where he is tummy up :o)

I know what you mean Phyllis. I feel sketchbooks are different to every artist. Some use them on a daily basis and have these amazing books filled up to very single white space or corner with beautiful art (not my case, haha).
Then there are others that use it now and then and others who don't use it at all.

I think I'm in middle group, and I learned to loose fear. There is something a bit intimidating about a brand new sketchbook, isn't it? But I try to imagine it's a bit like a pic of my head and thoughts, I doodle, sketch and even write some ideas in it as well. Is more like a visual diary than a sketchbook. I think it has helped me loose some of the fear so to speak.