Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brandy and Emma Stamp links

I thought it might be easier if I gave you the specific links to be able to order your Brandy and Emma rubber stamps. 

There are four sets on sale through this weekend for $16 each! 

Order the sets now by clicking on each set below.

To see some amazing card examples using these sets just keep moving down my blog. :)


Karen said...

This good news is spreading wildly through the stamping message boards. Thank You for keeping your images alive!

Phyllis Harris said...

And thank you, Karen for being a wonderful supporter and spreading the word!! I so appreciate you! :)

Rita said...

I've got mine ordered! So glad they are available again!

Phyllis Harris said...

Yay, Rita!! Thank you!!!

Ann English said...

I love these! Off to check them out!