Friday, June 27, 2008

A peek at the summer edition of Jack and Jill

Here's a peek at the art I did for the July/August Jack and Jill magazine. To see the whole story go pick up a copy or better yet get a subscription for the kiddos here. :o)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A five minute sketch

This is a departure from the norm for me but my sweet Brandy, my 14 year old golden retriever is sleeping peacefully beside me on the studio floor so I did a 5 minute sketch on my Cintiq and painted it in Painter. Keep in mind, I didn't fuss with the it at all. Just a really quick sketch.

She looks so peaceful. And right before we head into her least favorite time of year...the 4th of July. Poor thing...she's a fraidy dog of fireworks and since she can longer hear much she usually knows it's the 4th by the sulfur smell in the air. That's all it takes and she's hiding behind the toilet for the rest of the day...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some more animals

I am having to pull some old art from the files to share since I still haven't had time to create new stuff that I can actually show without breaching contract copyrights, etc. One of these days very soon I hope to create some fresh new stuff just for me and then I will happily share it with you all. :o)

Here are some animal images I created a few years back for a company. It was for a "match-ups" card game. Pretty basic spot illustrations but I thought some of them had a bit of personality. I think the horse is my fav.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summertime and fireflies

This little kitty is actually small part of the star gazing painting that I posted awhile back. I haven't had time to do anything new to post that's not under contract because I am working on so many deadlines but I like this kitty and I used to love catching fireflies so here it is...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Procrastination from work...

My husband and I went to Quebec City this past weekend for an award ceremony with his company. It was an AMAZING place to visit! I have SO many good pictures but I will just show some highlights. We stayed at a stunning hotel. It was called the FAIRMONT LE CHâTEAU FRONTENAC.

All the pictures are of the hotel except the window box which was in the town. The architecture was so beautiful. The city was filled with old homes and shops that were hundreds of years old. Quebec City is celebrating their 400th Anniversary this year so you can imagine. I may post a few of the beautiful town shots eventually as well.

I am now even further behind with my deadlines but I couldn't pass this trip up . I will eventually get my work done some way and on time. (Just in case any clients are visiting my blog ;o)) It may mean some long nights but it was worth seeing Quebec City!