Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm back!!!

I am back from a month long trip to Kauai...and WOW, what a vacation !!!! We were celebrating lots of great stuff...our 30th anniversary will be this year, I will be cancer free for three years in April and I had a big birthday on March 4th. :)  Yes, I celebrated a very BIG birthday while there. ;) OK, I will embrace it!! I am 50 and loving it!! Wahoo!!! I am loving life!!!

My sweet husband surprised me on my birthday with a surprise card shower! Bless his heart, he packed 78 cards and over 50 email into his suitcase without me knowing it and the morning of my birthday made me breakfast and called me in and there they all were! I was completely surprised, which is very tough to pull off! I felt so much love and shed lots of tears. I am the most blessed woman on the planet, that's for certain.

I also have other big news to daughter is engaged!!! We are thrilled and could not be happier for her and our soon to be son-in-law, Ron. We just love him to pieces! I am super late in sharing this since it actually happened in February. Been soooo busy...sorry.

A engagement photo to come but here is one I had on hand of the cute couple.