Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomatoes in October and bookshelves

It's been a gorgeous October in Missouri this year! The trees are really just beginning to change. We just had our first deep frost this a.m., Oct 29th so we recently picked all the remaining tomatoes. They have continued to ripen and it looks like we'll still have tomatoes through November! Here are a few in my studio window.

I have a little break before starting another project so I have been cleaning and organizing my studio. I finally recycled two old Macs, two old printers, an old scanner, etc. Best Buy has a great program. You can take three items per customer, per day. I also got my new bookshelves and I actually have room to spare!!!! I'm in heaven!!

My studio mate, Cassie has finally found her bed in the studio. Up until it got cooler she has always been at my feet but I think she likes the warm sun that shines in on her bed.

Something about Fall makes me want to organize, clean and start fresh. The interior of the house has all been repainted and updated, the studio is organized and somewhat clean so now it's time to start working on a couple personal projects that have been sitting in the flat files forever. Let's see how much longer I procrastinate...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Babies, babies and more babies

I've been working on adding some babies, toddlers and young children to my portfolio. They are so much fun to draw!  Here are a few character sketches.