Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A five minute sketch

This is a departure from the norm for me but my sweet Brandy, my 14 year old golden retriever is sleeping peacefully beside me on the studio floor so I did a 5 minute sketch on my Cintiq and painted it in Painter. Keep in mind, I didn't fuss with the it at all. Just a really quick sketch.

She looks so peaceful. And right before we head into her least favorite time of year...the 4th of July. Poor thing...she's a fraidy dog of fireworks and since she can longer hear much she usually knows it's the 4th by the sulfur smell in the air. That's all it takes and she's hiding behind the toilet for the rest of the day...



I love this sketch! Peaceful and lovely... I had a dog - Jibi, he afraid of firework too. He just opne the door and crawl under the couch... Animal have different personalities just like us : )

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Poor Brandy. This is wonderful sketch!

and you use a Cintiq tablet? I'll have to research that... thanks for the links :)

kris saia said...

Good old Brandy. Is there anything sweeter in this wide world than an old dog?

And Brandy's not the only one afraid of big noise; I may try hiding behind the toilet if our bad weather doesn't stop. No more loud Thursday night storms, please.

I'm really enjoying your blog, Phyllis. Keep it coming!

And tell Brad not to blow any fingers off on the 4th!

love, Kris

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! -Jenifer