Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some more animals

I am having to pull some old art from the files to share since I still haven't had time to create new stuff that I can actually show without breaching contract copyrights, etc. One of these days very soon I hope to create some fresh new stuff just for me and then I will happily share it with you all. :o)

Here are some animal images I created a few years back for a company. It was for a "match-ups" card game. Pretty basic spot illustrations but I thought some of them had a bit of personality. I think the horse is my fav.


Anthony VanArsdale said...

These are Fun!!! They have wonderful expression and personality! sort of happy and content at the same time :) It must be hard not showing your current projects... Thank you so much for sharing these!

Raluca C said...

so nice!!The frog is my fav!!

EL GRANDE said...

Super studies. Your colors are really informed.