Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Procrastination from work...

My husband and I went to Quebec City this past weekend for an award ceremony with his company. It was an AMAZING place to visit! I have SO many good pictures but I will just show some highlights. We stayed at a stunning hotel. It was called the FAIRMONT LE CH√ĘTEAU FRONTENAC.

All the pictures are of the hotel except the window box which was in the town. The architecture was so beautiful. The city was filled with old homes and shops that were hundreds of years old. Quebec City is celebrating their 400th Anniversary this year so you can imagine. I may post a few of the beautiful town shots eventually as well.

I am now even further behind with my deadlines but I couldn't pass this trip up . I will eventually get my work done some way and on time. (Just in case any clients are visiting my blog ;o)) It may mean some long nights but it was worth seeing Quebec City!

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Daniel Potvin said...

I was roaming the Web for blogs by childrens illustrators when I found yours Phyliis. Very nice work; I really like the simplicity and playfulness of your images and characters.

And I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Quebec City :-) I feel lucky to live close to it and be able to walk in the Old City whenever I want to... it does feel like a bit of Europe here in Canada.