Sunday, October 28, 2007

Working with publishers overseas

I have worked with a couple publishers overseas and both experiences were luckily good ones. One was a publisher in Korea and then the other was a publisher in New Zealand. The NZ publisher all started with kind of a crazy story.

Several years ago, actually more like seven years husband and I were lucky enough to get to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand. While I was there, in Auckland, I decided to try and contact a publisher while I was in town just to touch base and possibly set up a meeting. The meeting didn't work out but I was able to chat via email with the nice art director. It was 5 years later but that same art director contacted me to do a project with him. It just proved to me that any contacts we make, whether it's by email, direct mail, etc. is never a wasted effort although so many times it feels we are sending our mailers and promotions out into a deep dark hole with no return. It may take seven years to see a result but we gotta have faith, right?

Here is the cover of the reader I did for the New Zealand Publisher, Sunshine Books/Wendy Pye Ltd. I wasn't crazy about the choice of type used on the cover but overall it was a great project and the art director was a dream to work with!

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roz said...

So glad to see you have a blog!
I'll look forward to visitin often.
Great cover!