Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here is the traditional watercolor of the previous piece. As you can see I changed the colors a bit here and there. I may still add some more to it but thought I'd go ahead and post it in case I overwork it. Then again, I may not touch it and leave it as is.


Anni Matsick said...

It's fresh, nice as is!

Paige Keiser said...

WOW Phyllis!! This is one of my favorite pieces, if not my absolute favorite of yours! Beautifully done. You should be proud. :0) The digital version is gorgeous too although you know me, I'm always partial to watercolors. ;-)

YAY for B.I.C.! Haha :-D

Paige Keiser said...

P.S. I showed this too my Mom and she loved it too, and I quote: "Wow!"

Paige Keiser said...

*to not too --oops sorry!

Anonymous said...

I love this Phyllis! Its so simple and sweet. Nice lines and beautiful color. Makes me want to see how she gets the kite out of the tree.

I am with you on the color planning. I am learning how important it is and how it saves time to have a good palette planned out. I never did it before but when I begin in fabric design I realised how very helpful and time saving it was.

Great job my friend!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

It's beautiful Phyllis!! Has a vintage feel to it, don't know why really but it's wonderful :o)