Monday, September 15, 2008

Final Katharine Covers!

I just got the final designed covers(front and back) for the series, Katharine the Almost Great, available January 2009 through Magic Wagon, a division of the ABDO Group, or your favorite educational wholesaler!

The designer did a fabulous job! I love how colorful they are! Lisa Mullarkey, the author did such a wonderful job creating/writing this series. I really think kids will enjoy reading these fun stories.

Here's all six covers in order.


Anonymous said...

It's thrilling to see them, isn't it? Amazing! Thanks to your incredible artwork and the fab-u-lo-so design, I think they'll fly off the shelves!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wow, congratulations Phyllis!! They all look great! Really wonderful work :o)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

These are wonderful!!! and now I feel silly because I commented several days ago about the "soft colors"... :) forgive me for thinking that was what you were going for, but I like these vibrant covers much better!

congratulations Phyllis!!! a job splendidly done!!!

Phyllis Harris said...

Thank you, Lisa!I hope they do fly off the shelves so we can work together again!

Thanks Alicia!

Thank you Anthony, and no reason to ask forgiveness...Actually I kind liked the soft palette as well. Maybe I'll try that on another project sometime.

Priscilla Burris said...

Hi Phyllis!!!
Congratulations on your new books!
Fun and colorful and full of life!


Phyllis Harris said...

Hi Priscilla! So good to hear from you!! Thanks for your kind comments.

Tom Barrett said...

These all look great! Wonderful illustrations and a pleasing design! And the stories all sound like a good read. My favorite synopsis is the "Major Mama Drama"!

Interesting that they are all being developed at the same time. Is this the normal process for books in a series?

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Phew! so much work, and all of it completely charming. It must feel very satisfying to see all of those covers together and to know all of the work that went into the books and that these are completed. Congratulations!

Kathleen Rietz said...

These look great Phyllis! I love them! The colors and cover design will certainly help sell them, too. Your characters are engaging and consistent, so I definitely can imagine a child wanting the entire series. Congrats Phyllis.

Phyllis Harris said...

Thanks, Tom! As of whether it's normal for the whole series to come out at once is normal...I can't say since this is my first series to work on. But it's pretty awesome they do all come out so I don't have to wait so long!

Thank you Steph! Yes, very good feeling having these done! It always feels so great at the end of a project.

Thanks Kate! :o)


Congratulations! What a great work!! :o)

Paige Keiser said...

Wow, congrats on these Phyllis!!! They look fantastic! My favorite one is on the bottom, the title cracks me up too.